Message from the Management

society is more successful when it can come together and make use of individual talents and capabilities in other to find long-term solutions for its challenges. In today’s fast-paced world, no government alone can solve its country’s problems, and sometimes social crises result in the government’s limited resources being put towards short-term solutions for everyday problems. This does not result in production or returns, meaning no further progress is made.

In the world’s developed countries, capable intellectual and financial groups without political or ideological affiliations, or in search of economic advantage, take responsibility for their country’s progress with fruitful results. With this in mind, using part of our own funds and knowledge – and with the help of educational experts in our country – we founded Pouyaneh Foundation to help talented individuals who can help build the country’s future but who do not have the chance to due financial barriers.

While you can found out more about our specific aims in the relevant section of the website, below we have outlined our Commitment in running the foundation. We pledge to: 

  • Grant 1000 scholarships to talented school-age and university students in public institutions from grade 10 until completion of their higher education, in all subjects and academic pursuits.
  • Not partake in any other commercial activities, and to fulfill all obligations to our founders and benefactors.
  • Not having any political affiliations, and that its management will not partake in any political activities or hold government positions for the duration of their tenures.
  • Base our activities on the most recent academic research, as well as the experiences of students and educators.
  • Document our entire process in establishing and running the foundation, and to support any groups who wish to follow similar pursuits.
  • Maintain transparency in our financial records, and to provide these to any regulating agency or private individual who wishes to see them.

There is still much for us to learn in this process, but we hope for the Pouyaneh Foundation to nonetheless have a bright future. We heartily welcome any feedback, and any financial or logistical support that you or your organisation can provide is invaluable, and will be put to the best use.

Thank you for your interest in Pouyaneh Foundation, and we hope to be able to work with you in the near future.

The Management


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