Our Aims

The Pouyaneh Foundation was founded with the aim of providing financial support in the form of scholarships for the education of talented high school and university students whose studies would benefit from receiving these grants. Our objective is based on the importance of education and formal training. The foundation strives to maintain the independence of the students, and to avoid providing financial support without the necessary guidance towards building a better future.

The Pouyaneh Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation. These traits are an integral part of our founding principles, and the foundation will under no circumstances welcome any action that is inconsistent with its beliefs. Any financial or operational support provided by individuals or organisations with a purpose other than helping with the education of students will not be accepted.

  • The purpose of the Pouyaneh Foundation is to:
  • Identify talented students in need of financial support.
  • Help meet the costs of completing education.
  • Provide scholarships as well as educational and career counselling.
  • Build relationships with donors within targeted cities.
  • Publish articles, books and magazines for students and educators in the foundation’s network.